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PALG 101 Legal EnvironmentOrder Diploma Package Online.
PALG 102 General Legal Pri.
PALG 103 Buying & Selling Property
PALG 104 Employment Issues
PALG 105 Retail & Consumer Matters
PALG 106 Civil Litigation Process
PALG 107 Magistrates Court
PALG 108 Family Law and Practice
PALG 109 Property Transactions
PALG 110 Tort & Civil Litigation
PALG 111 Law 1 getting printable fake diploma
PALG 201 Law 2
PALG 202 Civil Litigation
PALG 203 Commercial Law
PALG 204 Company & Partnership Law
PALG 205 Conveyancing
PALG 206 Criminal Law
PALG 207 Criminal Litigation
PALG 208 Employment Law
PALG 209 European Union Law
PALG 210 Family Law
PALG 211 Family Practice
PALG 301 Immigration Law
PALG 302 Land Law
PALG 303 Landlord & Tenant Law
PALG 304 Law of Contract
PALG 305 Law of Evidence
PALG 306 Law of Intellectual Property
PALG 307 Law of Tort
PALG 308 Local Government Law
PALG 309 Planning Law
PALG 310 Probate and Succession
PALG 311 Probate Practice
PALG 401 Public Law
PALG 402 Social Welfare Law
PALG 403 Civil Litigation
PALG 404 C. Law Reasoning & Institutions
PALG 405 Elements of the Law of Contract
PALG 406 EU Law
PALG 407 Jurisprudence & Legal Theory
PALG 408 Labour Law
PALG 409 Law of Trusts

Paralegal Studies

PALS 101 Business Law
PALS 102 Construction Law and Contracts
PALS 103 Employment Law and Legislation
PALS 104 Estate Planning
PALS 105 Law and Human Resources
PALS 201 Paralegal Studies I
PALS 202 Paralegal Studies II
PALS 203 W.Comp. Law & Policy
PALS 204 W. Comp. Procedure & Litigation

Pharmaceutical Sciences

PHSC 101 Applied Chemistry
PHSC 102 Biochemistry
PHSC 103 Chemistry order fake certificate
PHSC 104 Industrial Chemistry
PHSC 105 Forensic Chemistry
PHSC 106 Forensic Science I
PHSC 201 Investigative Analysis
PHSC 202 Forensic Science II
PHSC 203 Health & Medical Sciences
PHSC 204 International Science
PHSC 205 Medical Biochemistry
PHSC 206 Medicinal Chemistry
PHSC 301 Medicine Foundation
PHSC 302 Paramedic Sciences
PHSC 303 Pharmaceutical Science
PHSC 304 Ind. Pharmaceutical Science
PHSC 305 Pharmacology
PHSC 306 Pharmacy
PHSC 307 Pharmacy Services Foundation


PHCO 101 Principles of Biology
PHCO 102 General Chemistry I
PHCO 103 Basic Mathematics I
PHCO 105 English I
PHCO 106 Understanding Literature
PHCO 107 General Chemistry Lab I
PHCO 108 General Chemistry II
PHCO 109 Basic Mathematics II
PHCO 110 Human Anatomy I
PHCO 111 General Chemistry Lab II
PHCO 112 Arabic II
PHCO 113 English II
PHCO 114 Basic Physics
PHCO 115 Organic chemistry I
PHCO 116 Human anatomy II
PHCO 117 English III fake diplomas without hassle
PHCO 118 Histology I
PHCO 119 Cell Biology
PHCO 120 English for Special Purpose
PHCO 201 Organic Chemistry II
PHCO 202 Medical Physics
PHCO 203 Statistics & Probabilities
PHCO 204 Histology II
PHCO 205 Computer Fundamentals
PHCO 206 Principles of Genetics
PHCO 207 General Microbiology
PHCO 208 Biochemistry I
PHCO 209 Human Physiology I
PHCO 210 Human Embryology I
PHCO 211 Human Embryology II
PHCO 212 Nutrition
PHCO 213 Human Physiology II
PHCO 214 Biochemistry II
PHCO 215 Personal & Community Health
PHCO 216 Medicinal Plants
PHCO 217 First Aid
PHCO 218 Analytical Chemistry I
PHCO 219 Mechanism of Organic Reactions
PHCO 220 Medical Parasitology
PHCO 301 Medical Parasitology Lab
PHCO 302 Introduction to Pharmacy
PHCO 303 Pharmacy Literature Translation
PHCO 304 Pharmacuetical Dosage Forms I
PHCO 305 Analytical Chemistry II
PHCO 306 Analytical Chemistry Lab II
PHCO 307 Pharmacognosy I
PHCO 308 Pharmacognosy Lab. I
PHCO 309 Medicinal Chemistry I
PHCO 310 Virology
PHCO 311 Bacteriology
PHCO 312 Bacteriology Lab.
PHCO 313 Medicinal Mycology
PHCO 314 PharmacologY I
PHCO 315 Instrumental Analysis I
PHCO 316 Pharmacokinetics
PHCO 317 Industrial Pharmacy
PHCO 318 Industrial Pharmacy Lab.
PHCO 319 Pharmacognosy II
PHCO 320 Pharmacognosy Lab. II
PHCO 401 Medicinal Chemistry II
PHCO 402 Pharmacology II
PHCO 403 Physical Pharmacy
PHCO 404 Toxicology buying degree possible
PHCO 405 Industrial Practice
PHCO 406 Drugs Information
PHCO 407 Radiopharmacy
PHCO 408 Nutrition & Diet
PHCO 409 Immunology
PHCO 410 Pharmaceutical Biotech.
PHCO 411 Internal Diseases
PHCO 412 Pharmacy Internship
PHCO 413 Traditional Medicinal
PHCO 414 Herbal Healing


PHLY 101 Ancient Philosophy
PHLY 102 Early Modern Phil.
PHLY 103 Intro. to Phil.
PHLY 104 Political Phil.
PHLY 105 Formal Logic
PHLY 106 Phil. of Religion
PHLY 201 Ethics
PHLY 202 Environmental Ethics
PHLY 203 Chinese Phil.
PHLY 204 Metaphysics
PHLY 205 Phil. of Law
PHLY 206 Aesthetics
PHLY 301 Epistemology
PHLY 302 Existentialism
PHLY 303 Language, Meaning & Und.
PHLY 304 Phil. of Mind
PHLY 305 Pragmatism
PHLY 306 Philosophy of Science
PHLY 401 Chinese Philosophy
PHLY 402 Special Topics in Phil.
PHLY 403 Advanced Seminar in Phil.
PHLY 404 19th-Century European Phil.
PHLY 405 Wittgenstein
PHLY 406 Historical Studies


PHTY 101 English I
PHTY 102 Physical Education I
PHTY 103 Visual Language I
PHTY 104 Observation Drawing
PHTY 105 Art History & Aesthetics I
PHTY 106 Studio I
PHTY 107 Photo Laboratory I
PHTY 108 Tech. of Photography I
PHTY 109 English II
PHTY 110 French I
PHTY 201 Physical Education II
PHTY 202 Visual Language II
PHTY 203 Colour Theory & Practice I
PHTY 204 Art History & Aesthetics II
PHTY 205 Studio II
PHTY 206 Photo Laboratory II
PHTY 207 Technology of Photography II
PHTY 208 English III
PHTY 209 Humanities I
PHTY 210 Physical Education II
PHTY 301 Organization I
PHTY 302 Studio III
PHTY 303 Photo Laboratory III
PHTY 304 Visual Expression I
PHTY 305 English IV
PHTY 306 French II
PHTY 307 Humanities II
PHTY 308 Organization II
PHTY 309 Photo Laboratory IV
PHTY 310 Studio IV
PHTY 401 Visual Expression II
PHTY 402 Electronic Imaging I
PHTY 403 History of Photography
PHTY 404 Photo Laboratory V
PHTY 405 Professional Practice
PHTY 406 Electronic Imaging II
PHTY 407 Video I
PHTY 408 Photo Laboratory VI
PHTY 409 Electronic Imaging III
PHTY 410 Applied Photography III

Physical Education

PHED 101 Hiking
PHED 102 Advanced Hiking
PHED 103 Personal Defense for Women
PHED 104 Karate
PHED 105 Intermediate Karate
PHED 106 Trail Running
PHED 107 Strength Training
PHED 108 Cardio Fitness & Training
PHED 109 Roller Work & Core Strength
PHED 110 Strength Training
PHED 111 Cardio-Fitness
PHED 112 Cardio-Samba
PHED 113 Cardio-Kickboxing
PHED 114 Turbo Kick/Kickboxing
PHED 115 Core Flow
PHED 201 Abdominal & Back Strengthening
PHED 202 Capoeira
PHED 203 Water Exercise
PHED 204 Yoga
PHED 205 T'ai Chi
PHED 206 Massage
PHED 207 Personal Fitness & Wellness
PHED 208 Elementary Equitation
PHED 209 Intermediate Equitation
PHED 210 Equ. Elementary Jumping
PHED 211 Equ. Intermediate Jumping
PHED 212 Fencing
PHED 213 Golf
PHED 214 Elementary Tennis
PHED 215 Intermediate Tennis
PHED 301 Advanced Tennis
PHED 302 Elementary Swimming
PHED 303 Intermediate Swimming
PHED 304 Fitness Swimming
PHED 305 Sailing
PHED 306 Soccer
PHED 307 Ultimate Frisbee
PHED 308 Bowling
PHED 309 Volleyball
PHED 310 Basketball
PHED 311 Rugby
PHED 312 Track and Field
PHED 313 Women's Health Issues
PHED 314 Nutrition for Health
PHED 315 CPR & First Aid
PHED 401 Prevention & Treatment of Ath. Inj.
PHED 402 Lifeguard Training
PHED 403 Water Safety Instructor
PHED 404 Lifeguard Leadership
PHED 405 Crew Team
PHED 406 Tennis Team
PHED 407 Volleyball Team
PHED 408 Cross Country Team
PHED 409 Soccer Team
PHED 410 Swim Team


PHYS 101 Quantum Physics
PHYS 102 Intr. to Archaeometry
PHYS 103 Quantum Theory & Its Apps. I
PHYS 104 Quantum Theory & Its Apps. II
PHYS 105 Analog Electronics
PHYS 201 Digital Electronics
PHYS 202 App. Modern Physics
PHYS 203 Experiments in Physics
PHYS 204 Classical Mechanics
PHYS 205 Ele. Cond. Matter Physics
PHYS 301 Semiconductor Physics I
PHYS 302 Semiconductor Physics II
PHYS 303 Physics of Fluids fake college degree made for you
PHYS 304 Physics of the Lower Atm.
PHYS 305 Physics of Atoms, Molecules and Solids
PHYS 401 Nuclear Physics & Particles
PHYS 402 Electromagnetic Theory
PHYS 403 Electron Optics
PHYS 404 Science in History
PHYS 405 Physics of Electronic Devices


PHSI 101 Fnd. of Biophysics
PHSI 102 Structural Biology
PHSI 103 Bio. of Macromolecular Assem.
PHSI 104 NMRS in Biology and Biochemistry
PHSI 105 Metabolism of Complex Lipids
PHSI 201 Cell. Func. of Complex Lipids
PHSI 202 Biophysics Spec. T.
PHSI 203 Cell Biology
PHSI 204 Molecular Biology
PHSI 205 Human Physiology I
PHSI 301 Human Physiology II
PHSI 302 Physiology
PHSI 303 Exp. Met. in Physiology I
PHSI 304 Exp. Met. in Physiology II
PHSI 305 Spe. T. in Physiology
PHSI 401 Endocrinology
PHSI 402 Physiology
PHSI 403 Cellular Physiology I
PHSI 404 Cellular Physiology II

Political Sciences

POLS 101 Intro. to Am. Gov. & Politics
POLS 102 Law in American Society
POLS 103 Global Politics
POLS 104 Intr. to the Discipline
POLS 105 Intr. to Political Thought
POLS 106 Cont. Political Ideologies
POLS 107 State & Local Gov.
POLS 108 Illinois Government
POLS 109 Politics of Diversity
POLS 110 Intr. to Comp. Politics
POLS 111 Intro. to Int. Relations
POLS 112 American Foreign Policy
POLS 113 Intro. to Political Science
POLS 114 Classical Political Theory
POLS 115 Modern Political Theory
POLS 116 Contemporary Political Theory
POLS 117 Am. Politics & the Mass Media
POLS 118 Pub. Op. & Electoral Behavior
POLS 119 Pol. Camp. & Elections
POLS 120 Political Parties
POLS 121 Legislative Process
POLS 122 American Chief Executive
POLS 123 Politics & Pub. Policy
POLS 124 Politics & Env. Policy
POLS 125 Intro. to the Legal Pro.
POLS 126 Intro. to Civil Lib. & Civil R.
POLS 127 Criminal Justice
POLS 128 Court Management
POLS 129 Ethnicity, Nationalism & Culture
POLS 130 Democratization
POLS 201 Int. Political Economy
POLS 202 Int. & Transnational Orgs.
POLS 203 War & Force in World Politics
POLS 204 Readings in Pol. Sci.
POLS 205 Public Affairs
POLS 206 Philosophy of Politics
POLS 207 Formal Political Theory
POLS 208 Cont. Intergovernmental Relations
POLS 209 Pol. Sys. of the Am. States
POLS 210 Urban Politics
POLS 211 Political Communication
POLS 212 Political Sociology
POLS 213 Interest Group Politics
POLS 214 Constitutional Law
POLS 215 Judicial Pro. & Behavior
POLS 216 Administrative Law
POLS 217 Jurisprudence
POLS 218 Fiscal Aspects of PA
POLS 219 Policy Analysis
POLS 220 Admin. of Env. Quality & Nat. Res.
POLS 221 Museum Administration
POLS 222 Gender & Global Politics
POLS 223 Contemporary Europe
POLS 224 Gov. & Pol. of Russia
POLS 225 Gov. & Pol. of Southeast Asia
POLS 301 Gov. & Pol. of the Middle East & North Africa
POLS 302 Comp. Civil-Military Politics
POLS 303 International Law
POLS 304 Religion & Politics
POLS 305 American Foreign Policy
POLS 306 International Politics
POLS 307 Pol. Sci. as a Discipline
POLS 308 DP & Mgmt-Mainframe
POLS 309 DP & Mgmt-Microcomputer
POLS 310 Human Resource Managment
POLS 311 Program Anly. & Evaluation
POLS 312 Org. Theory & Behavior
POLS 313 Admin. of Nonprofit Org.
POLS 314 Aviation Policy, Law & Regulation
POLS 315 Adv. Airport Admin.
POLS 316 Adv. Aviation Safety Admin.
POLS 317 Aviation Law & Regulation
POLS 318 International Aviation
POLS 319 Municipal Admin.
POLS 320 Public Financial Admin.
POLS 321 Int. Relations & Politics
POLS 322 Foun. of Political Science

Project Management

PMGT 101 Introduction to PM
PMGT 102 Why we Need Project Mgmt
PMGT 103 Benefits fake degree transcripts
PMGT 104 Independent or Team
PMGT 105 Defining the project
PMGT 106 Defining the Scope
PMGT 107 Defining the Project Requirements
PMGT 108 Id. the Executive Sponsor
PMGT 109 Determining the Team Members
PMGT 201 Listing the Assumptions
PMGT 202 Determining Budget
PMGT 203 Developing a Project Plan
PMGT 204 Project Plan Template
PMGT 205 Determining the Schedule
PMGT 206 Including Key Tasks
PMGT 207 Determine Dependencies
PMGT 208 Identify Milestones
PMGT 209 List Resource Requirements
PMGT 301 Tracking Progress
PMGT 302 Managing Change
PMGT 303 Managing Risk
PMGT 304 Conducting Team meetings
PMGT 305 Creating Status Reports
PMGT 306 Building Issues Lists
PMGT 307 Defining the Escalation Process
PMGT 308 Software Tools
PMGT 309 MS Project vs. Excel
PMGT 401 Adobe Acrobat
PMGT 402 Communication Skills
PMGT 403 Leadership Skills
PMGT 404 Conflict Resolution
PMGT 405 Motivating Teams
PMGT 406 Coaching Teams
PMGT 407 Using Listening skills
PMGT 408 Finalizing Project Plan


PSYT 101 Mental Illness and the Brain
PSYT 102 Issues in Drug Dependence
PSYT 103 Adv. in the Neurobiology of Mental Dis.
PSYT 104 Brain Evolution & Psychiatry
PSYT 201 Advanced Studies in Addiction
PSYT 202 Trends in Clinical Psychiatry
PSYT 203 Qualitative Res. in HC
PSYT 301 Stat. for Neurosciences
PSYT 302 Psychiatry II
PSYT 303 Psychiatry III
PSYT 304 Spe. T. in Psychiatry
PSYT 401 Cultural Psychiatry
PSYT 402 Psychiatric Epidemiology
PSYT 403 Psychiatry ICM
PSYT 404 Psychiatry Clerkships


PSYC 101 Understanding Literature
PSYC 102 English I
PSYC 103 Arabic I
PSYC 104 Descriptive Statistics
PSYC 105 Intro. to Psychology I
PSYC 106 Fund. of Sociology I
PSYC 107 Persian II: Writing Skills
PSYC 108 English II
PSYC 109 Arabic II
PSYC 110 Intro. to Psychology II
PSYC 112 Fund. of Sociology II
PSYC 113 General Philosophy
PSYC 114 Inferential Statistics
PSYC 115 English III
PSYC 201 Social Psychology
PSYC 202 Res. Mts in Psychology I
PSYC 203 Psychology of Sensation & Perception
PSYC 204 Educational Psychology
PSYC 205 Dev. Psychology I
PSYC 206 General Phsiology
PSYC 207 Dev. Psychology II
PSYC 208 Psychology of Learning
PSYC 209 Physiological Psychology
PSYC 210 Experimental Psychology
PSYC 211 Theories & Schools of Psy.
PSYC 212 English Texts of Psychology I
PSYC 213 Mental Health
PSYC 301 Fundamentals of Neuropsychology
PSYC 302 Psychology of Personality
PSYC 303 Criminal Psychology
PSYC 304 English Texts of Psychology II
PSYC 305 Psychology of Exp. Children
PSYC 306 Motivation & Emotion
PSYC 307 Group Dynamics
PSYC 308 Guidance & Counselling
PSYC 309 Psychology of Perfection
PSYC 310 Learning Disorders
PSYC 311 Psycho-pathology
PSYC 312 Child psycho-pathology
PSYC 401 Psychological Tests
PSYC 402 Psychology of Management
PSYC 403 Theories of Psychotherapy
PSYC 404 Substance Bbuse & Prevention
PSYC 405 Social Work
PSYC 406 Sociology of Education
PSYC 407 Sociology of Family
PSYC 408 Measurement & Evaluation
PSYC 409 Fundamentals of Law
PSYC 410 Logics
PSYC 411 Sociology of Communication

Public Administration

PUAD 101 Dimensions of PA
PUAD 102 Problem-Solving Mts. for Mod. Mgmt.
PUAD 103 Financial Management
PUAD 104 Public & Nonprofit Org.
PUAD 105 Research Theory
PUAD 106 Organizational Dynamics
PUAD 107 HR Admin. & Personnel Systems
PUAD 108 Organizational Comm.
PUAD 109 Ethics in Management
PUAD 110 The Grantsmanship Process
PUAD 201 Strategic Planning
PUAD 202 Policy & Program Analysis
PUAD 203 Administrative Law
PUAD 204 Intro. to HS Admin.
PUAD 205 Criminal Justice Admin.
PUAD 206 State & Local Admin.
PUAD 207 Public Sector Labor Rel.
PUAD 208 Health Care Systems Ana.
PUAD 209 Health Care Economics
PUAD 210 Gerontological Ser. Admin.
PUAD 301 Admin. of Long-Term Care
PUAD 302 Planning HC Services
PUAD 303 Legal Aspects of HCO
PUAD 304 Mg. Decision-Making in HCO
PUAD 305 Inst. Budgeting & Planning
PUAD 306 Overview of Managed Care
PUAD 307 Const. Impact on CJA
PUAD 308 Com. App. in Social Research
PUAD 309 Professional Contribution
PUAD 310 Criminal Conduct
PUAD 401 Comm., Corr. & Evaluation
PUAD 402 Intro. to the Nonprofit Sector
PUAD 403 Issues of Governance in NPO
PUAD 404 Fundraising in NPO
PUAD 405 Marketing & Strategic Planning
PUAD 406 Program Assessment & Eval.
PUAD 407 Public Admin. Internship
PUAD 408 Management Project

Public Health

PUHC 101 Comparative Health
PUHC 102 Medical Geography
PUHC 103 Models of Health Behavior
PUHC 104 Environmental Health
PUHC 105 Public Health Epidemiology
PUHC 106 Health Services Organization
PUHC 107 MPH Internship
PUHC 201 Public Organizations
PUHC 202 Public Health Management
PUHC 203 Statistics for Epidemiology
PUHC 204 Quantitative Tools for Public Health
PUHC 205 Race, Ethnicity, and Health
PUHC 206 Care Regulation

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